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    Thank you for your interest in MOASPA Membership. Please note that if you participate in the annual fall MOASPA, you are automatically a member for that school year. If you are unable to join us at the conference, we invite you to join MOASPA through our membership registration which can be done right here! Contact Patty Corum (pattycorum@gmail.com with questions). 

    Individual Membership ($125.00) Includes directory and contacts of members, access to members only discussion board and information on our website, networking and sharing opportunities throughout the year.

    Institutional Membership ($300.00) Includes all member benefits for 3-5 members from the same School District, Charter School, or University.

    Retired Membership ($50.00) Includes all member benefits.


    Questions? Contact Patty Corum, pattycorum@gmail.com.